HPP - High Pressure Pump

HPP is specialized in the design and construction of piston pumps for water, strengthened by its technological know-how which is backed up by the most modern technology. This puts the company in the position to be able to offer a wide range of products to meet requirements that go from 21 to 190 Hp with pressures up to 1000 Bar.

HPP pumps are constructed in accordance with the most modern technology both in the materials used and in the mechanical working and heat treatments used. Moreover, HPP can also provide a wide range of accessories, suitable for the specific needs of the single user. Professionalism and research make HPP a dynamic modern company aimed at tackling and resolving the problems of a market that is in constant evolution.

Products of HPP are :

1- CL

2- EL - ELR

3- ELS

4- GL - GLR

5- SL - SLR

6- MLR

7- RLR

8- CH


10- EV


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