COMTEC TCS srl is an Italian Company operating for more than 40 years in the field of the design and production of special equipment for bridges and viaducts and dealing on national and international markets.

COMTEC TCS produced up to now no less than 280 launchers, every single one different from the others in order to fit with the various technologies of each bridge.

A continuous research and a firm challenge in finding new solutions are qualifying the long activity of the Company. Today COMTEC can define itself as a leader in this field, with no possibility of contradiction. For COMTEC TCS all jobs and all clients are important, no difference if small or big.

Products of COMTEC TCS are:

1- Launcher for Segments

2- Launcher Span by Span

3- Launcher for Beams

4- Lifting Equipments

5- Straddle Carriers for Segments

6- Straddle Carriers for Beams

7- Gantry Cranes

8- Special Equipments

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