Established in July 1979 for the will of two contractors who, after having matured important experiences in the different sectors of forms for building industry, decided to create a new company for the production of technologically advanced steel formwork.
The initial choice was to look at different sectors as: in-situ precasting, factory precasting as well as construction of public infrastructures such as bridges, tunnels and dams.
This was a winning choice that has enabled our Company to face, in the best possible way, the cyclic fluctuation typical of the different building sectors and simultaneously to draw from one sector to the other the acquired know-how, thus facilitating the progress of technological growth of our products.
The experience and creativity of the founding partners, together with the new technologies and the modern production systems have been fundamental both for the development of our equipment and to introduce products directed to new sectors.
The growing process of Ninive Casseforme has enabled us to widen our ambitions to the international markets; so, since 1987, we export our equipment all over the world, feeling proud to contribute to the realization of many important projects.

Products of NINIVE are :

1- Precast Beams

 2- Segmental Bridges

 3- Box Girder

 4- Tunnel Formworks

5- Precast Segmental Tunnel

6- Railway Sleepers

7- Other Products

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